The winery’s vineyards stretch over an area of around eight hectares, merged together, with a south-south east exposure at an average height of 300 meters above sea level.

Gavi’s hills belong to the Serravallian marls, which stretch from the Scrivia river to Langhe. These hills are mostly characterized by mixed soils. On top of the hills the soil is on average calcareous and of good texture, while at their foot it tends to be clayey sedimentary.

The area is characterized by dry and windy summers with wide temperature range between day and night. Winters are on average cold with fairly abundant snow falls. Such a climate, along with the soil composition, allows to produce elegant and well-balanced wines with a good level of acidity, structure and minerality.

Our winemaking aims to emphasize the expressive potential and the typical character of the winery’s vineyards. Our guiding principle is that an aware and respectful winemaking, which must be as unintrusive as possible, helps us express in full the characteristics of the grapes we cultivate at the winery.